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The experienced technicians at Mister Sparky® will help you prevent power surges, which can be very damaging to your home's electrical system. 

A power surge will happen when the power line's voltage goes higher than the upper limit and stays there for greater than ten milliseconds. With today's technology, this can damage computerized electronics and appliances. It is interesting to know that appliances go through an average of about 20 power surges per day. These power surges, while not detectable by humans, can greatly damage your appliances over time.

Protect your appliances in two different ways.

The two types of surge protection are point of use and whole house protection. A point of use surge protector is best for protecting sensitive electronic equipment as well as other major home appliances. Most point of use surge protectors can handle a power surge up to 6,000 volts.

Whole house surge protection will protect a house as a whole from any surges that can enter through the home's electrical supply. This does not, however, offer protection from internal surges that originate from within the home. A licensed electrical contractor must install a whole house surge protection system.

The Need for Surge Protection:

With technology more advanced and us as a society more dependant on it than ever before, it is also more important than ever before to protect these devices from power surges. Smaller computer chips are also more sensitive to the slightest power surges.

In addition, there is much more electronic equipment being used than ever before in today's homes. Microprocessors, which are used in PC's, TV's, stereos, DVR's refrigerators, and more, are very sensitive to slight power surges.

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